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Platforms and ramps are nowadays most often associated with the name "SCHRAMKO". The company was founded in 1990 and today it is a leader in its field. It is known for its long tradition in the development and manufacture of a hydraulic lifting and a balancing devices. The products are internationally recognized for their high quality and high technical level.

The company is successful in implementing the most demanding customer requirements, evidenced by the many domestic (Slovnaft, Duslo Šaľa, Slovenská grafia,...) and especially foreign customers (Airbus, MTU Aero Engines,...) - see. Reference documents. Up to 94.6% of production is exported.

Offered products have been awarded at international exhibitions regularly. They are also part of the awarded Constructions of the year. Many years in the field has proven guaranteed quality and safety of  products. This fact is also stressed by close cooperation with the TÜV. Our company offers original products with top quality, its operation meets the maximum and detailed safety.

We do not offer cheap imitations, but the highest-generation products for a professional use, they are fully professionally designed and manufactured. We believe that by experiencing our presentation and a personal consultation, you will recognize differences between the outfitter and our profi-products that accurately take into account the needs of the user.

Using our product customers enjoy carelessness of reliable service. We believe that you are a demanding customer who deserves a product of the highest technical level and the maximum safety and durability. As part of our deliveries are also complete documents (audit reports ...) that allows users to immediately use the products.

There is no need for further testing, and approval of the TI SR (Technical inspection Slovak republic)?. Everythnig is part of our services. Not coincidentally, our products have just been awarded the prize GRAND PRIX.

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